We conceive the tax phenomenon as an essential element in the commercial decision-making process, and as a relevant aspect in the analysis and success of any business project.


Either under an ongoing basis or on a case-by-case dynamic, we provide our clients with answers to all the questions and inquiries that may arise in the tax field. We also prepare tax opinions or tax reports on specific tax matters, when needed and requested by our clients.


It entails the analysis of a business project or an ongoing business from a tax perspective, in order to prevent contingencies or non-compliance situations in the tax field.


It is aimed at including the tax phenomenon as a relevant factor in the analysis of efficiency of the business, considering for this purpose the tax benefits that may be applicable to the case, as well as the legitimate alternatives for tax optimization that may be chosen by the client.


In the analysis of the tax phenomenon from an international perspective, it is necessary to consider the local legislation, as well as the double taxation conventions, foreign rules and directives from international organisms. We have a professional team prepared to provide solutions in topics such as: international double taxation, transfer pricing, withholding tax, international restructuring, expatriates, among others, along with an extensive network of international correspondents, who collaborate with us on these matters.


It encompasses a specific assistance and support to the client in the compliance and fulfillment of its tax obligations, either tax filings, sworn statements, paperwork before the tax authority, among others.


We provide our clients with a complete assistance in the field of tax litigation, from the defense in the administrative stage before the authority, to the litigation itself before the courts..